Dec 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland Blog Hop

Today is the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop

I have a group of some very talented Crafters that have made some wonderful projects for today. 
The theme was a 3D Wintery Theme Project
Using Blue, White, Silver or Grey. 

I unfortunately have been having issues with my computer and my internet and I am running a bit behind on this and I am so sorry. I had been trying to work on my project but needed my computer to do so and I ended up making something totally different but still in the theme as much as I could with no computer. 

I created this wonderful wooden blocks using vinyl and wood and paint. 


 My block was painted off white and  I had to end up darkening it up to a dark beige ... I used a brown wash to darken the blocks up to match my decor for the holidays... 

Thank you ladies for particapting in my Winter Wonderland Blog Hop and for all your wonderful projects and sharing them with us all... I am again very sorry that this got a little messed up and I hope that in the future you will all join me again for another blog hop... 

Here is the line up for all the talented crafters to join me... please make sure you check out each one of their projects and leave them each a comment on their projects... 

Your Here:

Audrey Dickinson
Kreative Kreations by Audrey


Blog Name:  Mommy's Playbook
Blog Address:




  1. I love your blocks! Thanks for allowing me to participate in the blog hop! Sorry you had computer problems & I hope all is well now! Did you want to include a prize through a random drawing? If not, it's fine. Blog hops with prizes usually get a better response from what I've seen in the past. I'll mention the hop in a few other places on Facebook so maybe we'll get a few more comments!

  2. Sorry about your computer problems. We all love technology, don't we? Love your blocks though! Looks cute next to the snowman :)

  3. Great Blocks!!! I love them! So fun, thanks for the great hop!!
    loves-Scrappin Madge

  4. Cute blocks! Really go well with your snowman decoration :)

  5. Thank you Everyone... I am glad that you all joined us for this great blog hop and hope that you will all join us again for future blog hops... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all....



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