Apr 28, 2011

Stormy Day

It is going to be getting pretty nasty here this afternoon and this evening... We have thunderstorms coming in.

Yesterday I worked on my samples for my decals and a few wall decals too. Today I am working on decals for my cricut and my computer ... I thought it would be fun to decorate my computer and my cricut expression. I will post some pictures later of my computer and expression... I am adding the pictures of the decals from yesterday in my Gallery, so check them out.

I am trying to be patient waiting for my E2 to come in...

Well time for me to finish up around the house and then it is off to Ambulance for the night, on until 4am tomorrow... hoping a for a slow night...

Apr 27, 2011


Yesterday I worked on organizing all day and got it almost finished, I have a little more to do today. We never did find the paint that I wanted for the workroom  we are going to go and look again today, so this weekend hubby can paint it. I am going to work on some wall decals today for my room .

Apr 26, 2011

E2 is here....

Yay I am so excited... I will be getting one of the E2's...
I watched the previewing on HSN last night omg that is a beautiful machine.. and I love all the preloaded cartridges that come on it......

Today we are starting on the workroom... painting and organizing it and trying to make homes for everything and putting up some more shelves... I only have a small room but hubby is awesome at making it so everything has a place in the workroom.. and now we have to make sure we have room for the new E2 ...

I am so excited and can't wait for it to get here...

Ok time to go and pick out the paint for the workroom... it is going to be a nice warm color that goes with the rest of my home ...
have a great day everyone...

Anyone else getting the E2? Let me know what your first project will be with it!!!!

Apr 25, 2011

Happy Easter

"Happy Easter"
Sorry I am a little late, but it has been a very busy weekend. We had a great day yesterday the weather was beautiful and the bunny was great to the girls. We got to spend time with my granddaughter on her first Easter.
We had a wonderful egg hunt and then a great dinner. The day was filled with love, fun, family and friends.

Today it is back to work and getting things finished up that I had to put on hold this weekend. I have some glass etching to do and some centerpieces for the Ambulance banquet to work on. Going to work on the Ambulance scrapbook.

Going to also be working on reorganizing the workroom to and giving it a nice fresh coat of paint.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter... 

Apr 22, 2011

Baby Invite Set

I am so happy to announce my first "Baby Shower Invites". I love how these turned out.
I will be offerning the in my Etsy Shop ...

Been Sick

I have been in bed for the past couple of days, I got the stomach flu from my girls... It hit me harder than it did the girls. It really wiped me out and I am still feeling it today, but not as bad, I just couldn't take another day in bed though. I have so much to work on for this weekend.

What is everyone working on for Easter? I am trying to make some cards for my girls and a few things for their baskets. And getting ready to get the eggs together for the egg hunt on Sunday.

Share your projects .... 

Apr 17, 2011

Ambulance Group Photos

Today we had to go and get our crew photos done at the Ambulance Core. We didn't have a big turn out for members but they still came out great...

Baby Shower Invite

I made this cute little invite for fun... just playing around. I used "Stretch Your Imagination" Cartridge and "Storybook"

I even made the little bow on there too... I love how this card turned out...

Apr 16, 2011

Spring Break Week

Well my daughter's are on their Spring break this week from school... trying to think of stuff to do with them this week.
I think we are going to do some work in the flower garden, a little bit of baking and then Oldest daughter and me are going to work on things for her Grad Party and start getting the invites finished and handed out .

Today I am taking them to a Soccer Clinic and then hopefully when I get home be able to get some work down on my scrapbooking and few other things around the house I need to work on today. I started my spring cleaning yesterday so I have more that I want to do today and we are moving bedrooms around for the girls too and getting them ready to be painted.

I will post pictures later of things that I have made up for oldest daughter's wall decor...

Well have a great day everyone! 

Apr 15, 2011

Cricut Time

Well getting things ready for tonight, on Friday nights I have some friends come over for scrapbook, card making and etc, but most of all for chatter time.

I think tonight I am going to do some invites for my daughter's Graduation Party in June. She is graduating from 8th grade this year.. ugh where did the time go ... I still can't believe that she is going to be going to High School already.

Yesterday I got my new cartridge "Life's a Party" and I am patiently waiting for my other one "Hannah Montana" yay... it is going to be in today can't wait to play with it tonight.

I will also be working on my Etsy Shop today and tonight too... I am going to be offering some embellishments and adding more cards tonight too.

I also have to fill some orders that came in yesterday for shirts for the Ambulance and Fire Department. Busy busy~ just the way I like it..

I have a craft fair to also get ready for so I will be pulling out the sewing machines out this coming week and getting some primitive home decor items done up for the show... I miss sewing

Well time to get working on getting things ready for tonight... yay... I love having my scrappy girls over for a night of crafting and chatter!

Have a Great Day and Wonderful Weekend!!!!

Apr 14, 2011

Life's a Party Cartridge...

I got my "Life's a Party" Cartridge in today.. I am so excited to try it out.
There is so many projects that I want to try with it. I love it. I will post pictures of my playing with this cartridge later...


Card for My Mom

I was thinking of my mom today and thought that she might like to get a card letting her know that I was thinking of her. She only lives about 10 minutes from me, but she loves owls and handmade items, and I just want her to know that I was thinking of her today.

The past 14 years she has been through alot. About 7 years ago today she was diagnosed with Cancer and she was told that the odds of her surviving it was very low cause of her age, but 2 years later she was cancer free and has been since. There were days when she wanted to give up but she looked at my newborn daughter that was born the same week that she was diagnosed and said to herself I have something to live for and that is what gave her the strength to fight. I am so proud of my mom and I am glad that she fought to stay here with us and live life.

So every year when we celebrate my daughter's birth we also celebrate my mom's courage to fight her cancer.

Stamp is from My Pink Stamper... I just got this set in yesterday... what great timing..

Happy Birthday Card

I was just playing around last night and wanted to try an ice cream cone and then I decided to turn into a card ... it was fun playing with the colors... I wanted to put the scoops of ice cream through the cuttlebug folders but forgot oops, but it still turned out cute...

Apr 13, 2011

Spring Time

Spring Time Themed Card...
I love how it turned out...

I used my Celebrate with Flourish cartridge
zig zig trim and paper I bought at Michaels in the pack

I had fun playing with this cartridge this is the first project I used this cartridge for

Apr 12, 2011

Jukeboxes and Ebay

Today I played on Ebay for a little bit.. I bought two new cartridges and one will make my daughters happy... I got the Hannah Montana one.. they love some of the images on that cartridge and what me to make them out of vinyl for their rooms.. yay!!!
And I also got "Life's a Party"

But then hubby was playing on Craigslist and some lady was selling jukeboxes at a great price so I bought 4 of them... I couldn't pass up the deal she gave me if I bought 4 of them.

Tonight I set up two of them and now thinking I am going to set up the 3rd one tomorrow..

Well tomorrow I have a few things to do and then I have a couple of projects I really need to work on and maybe even make a video too.. if the girls let me ...
Trying to figure out what I am going to do with the girls all next week, they are on Spring Break ugh... it is going to be a long long week with them home ... LOL...

Well good night everyone. Stay safe!
Happy Scrapping to All!

Apr 11, 2011

Calm Day

Today I did not do much, a bit sore from yesterday. I did manage to make it to get some pictures printed and to Michael's to pick up a few things and a new punch toy.. will take picture tomorrow and post them.. haha...

I was going to take a ride to Joann's today cause I heard that they had cartridges on sale but come to find out they were only a few that were on sale so nothing I really needed or wanted.

Hubby did some more yard work getting the yard and flower bed area ready for some planting and etc, can't wait to get some flowers planted soon....

Tomorrow going to work on a few things and some pages for the scrapbook and then I have to go to the Ambulance and do some scrapping with some of my fellow crew members for our Ambulance Album.. it should be fun and exciting can't wait... loving it!!!!

Well going to head of to bed now, early morning tomorrow... have a great night everyone

Apr 10, 2011

Busy and Exciting Day at the Races

Today was opening day at the moto cross track in our town. I volunteer with our local Ambulance Core and I go to the races with them once a month and stay there for the whole day, which is about 8 to 12 hours ... today was a long day for us there and very busy too....

 Starting Gate.. That was my position today...
 This is me... ugh I look rough, but it was early in the morning ugh
This a turn by the starting gate area which was also part of my track where I was at. This is not zoomed in at all .. this is how close I am to the track/racers

I really enjoy what I do and love being able to help to my limits that I am allowed...
My children have learned so much from me being a volunteer with my ambulance and also being a volunteer firefighter too.. and they have learned alot from it and they are excited to be able to give back to their community when they are old enough too.

Today was my best friends first time going to the races and doing this with us and she loved it.. now she sees what it is all about.. she is in the background of the picture of me... I am so proud of her for getting over her fears. I have to say she handled herself and did what she was trained to do awesomely...
Congrats Rachel... you did it!!!!
Now it is time for me to go and relax and maybe go to bed early tonight, I am exhausted from the events today and a little sore too...

Apr 7, 2011


Today I was working a card for a friend of mine that just lost her Aunt and as I am getting ready stamp "Thinking of You" I notice that my stamp is gone and I can't find it  (sigh) So I finally check the vacuum and guess what there it is all chewed up (sigh again), so I am thinking I need to figure out what to do at this point... well I used my computer and printed it out on the paper and then cut it down to what I needed... a lot of work just to get the saying, but it was worth it in the end.

So then I started to search the internet for some stamps... well I found a set from My Pink Stamper that I really liked and it would be great for a few more items that I am working on.. She has some awesome and beautiful stamps...
I ordered "Fabulous Phases" I am excited and can't wait until they come in ... yay!!!!
Hubby said to me then why don't you find out how you can just design your own stamps, haha I just laughed at him... but he was serious~ So now I have him trying to find out how we go about that, cause I am always looking for certain sayings that I like and never can find them on stamps, so today I am writing down some of my favorites....
If you know of any sayings that you would love to see on stamps please leave me a comment and I will add it to my list...

Well off now to get some work done around the house.. 

Apr 6, 2011


Tonight trying to make a card for a baby shower for a friend, and couldn't seem to get my craftiness to flow.. I hate when that happens... I ended up having my hubby and my best friend come in and see what we could come up with .. Well this is what we came up with and the customer loved it...

I actually really like it too.. I kept over thinking it when I was making it and must have cut and sampled a bunch of different things.. But in the end she loved it.
I am hoping that this over thinking thing that I am having tonight is gone by tomorrow... have a bunch of things I need to work.

I finally got my camcorder charged and the tripod all figured out so we are working on the plans for our first video.. it isn't going to be a big major project but something a little simple.

I got my face stamps from Peachy Keen and I love them... I am looking forward to buying another set soon thinking either the snowman ones or the animal faces.. I love them...
They have some great stamp sets ... go check them out.

Apr 3, 2011

Just a quick Post

This what I made today.. I love how it come out..

New Pages

Last night was great had some friends over for Scrapbooking and Card Making... We had a lot of fun...
I was able to get two pages done last night... One page I had been working on for a couple of days and then the second one went by fast.. My younger dauhger's page was my hardest one, cause I wasn't sure really how I wanted to do it and my oldest daughter well she had asked me to make her page simple but beatiful...

Today I will be working on some cards.
Hubby is on Ambulance Duty all day and the girls are playing the Wii so I will hopefully get a little time to work in the work room today...
I hope everyone had a great weekend and some nice weather.. today it is beautiful outside so today the windows are open to let some fresh air in the house...

Apr 1, 2011

Busy Week

It has been a very busy week around here. We are getting ready to start taping our first video this weekend... I am going to do it on "Glass Etching" using the Cricut and Armor Glass Etching. It should be fun... I will be etching on glass candle holder.

Tomorrow night I am hosting a Scrapping Get Together at my house with some friends, some beginner and some experienced scrapbookers... it is going to be a fun night.

This past week I have made a few vinyl wall decor items for my home and did a couple glass etching projects too. I am working on making the awards for our Ambulance Banquet.

This past week my mom's dog also got killed by another dog that attacked her dog. So I made her a picture frame glass etched the glass with "In Loving Memory" and a image of her dog and then the name and the year. She loved it. I will post a picture of it later. It was very hard on my mom losing her beloved Penny.

Tonight it is just my girls and me, hubby is on Ambulance duty with my oldest son.. so thinking that we will do a movie and relax tonight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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