Feb 29, 2012

Today is the Design Teams Weekly Challenge
The design team had to create something using their favorite Embellishment
Everyone did awesome with all their projects... 

I used Art Philosophy and created this adorable "Thank You" Card for a Friend that wants to make them as gifts for her niece's baby shower. So her niece can give these as her Thank you Cards.... What a wonderful gift. They match the invites almost perfectly. 

 Here is how it is made: 
Card Base cut @ 4.5"
Layer (Pink) cut at 4" (also cut one in white for the inside of the card)
Shape base layer (White) cut @ 3.5" Shadow
Shape layer 2 (Black) cut @ 3.5" 

In the center I put a gem. I also used the polka dot cuttlebug folder on the dark pink. 

Now time for the team to show off what they have created. Please stop by their blogs and see how they made their projects and leave comments... everyone loves comments.. 


Thank you for stopping by and seeing what we all have created for today.. and remember if you are not following please join us and leave comments.. 

Everyone Wednesday is DT Challenge and Once a month we have a Monthly Challenge.. March's Challenge is "Altered Project Theme" ... so jump on in and share your Altered Projects with us...it will be posted March 17th. 
I will add a linky at the bottom of the Monthly post for you to join in. So mark your calendars and come join us. 

Remember about the Smash Book/Junk Journal Challenge it will be due by March 8th... The Design Team is working on theirs now and we will be posting them on March 8th, there will be a linky at the bottom of that post for you all to share your too.. and one lucky person will be randomly picked and win some of my own Glimmer Spray... 

Well time to go create some more... have a wonderful day and happy crafting!

Feb 28, 2012

Gift Card Holders

Good Morning Everyone! 

I have been a little off these past few weeks. I have new shifts with the Ambulance and it is wearing me down a little, but I am finally getting back into the swing of things. 

I finally got some time to finish up all the invites for my daughter's party and now I am going to be working on the party favors today. I am going to be using the new Tags, Bags, boxes and More 2 to make the little Milk Cartons and we are going to put little treats in them with some bubbles and etc. 
I also have to start to make the banners and table center pieces too.. haven't figured out what I am doing for those yet, but I am sure I will figure something out as I go. 

Well yesterday I wanted to work on some small and quick projects so I decided that I have a lot birthdays and baby showers coming up over the next few months. So I am going to be given gift cards so I came up with these... 

I am going to do a video on these cute and quick little gift card holders today and I am hoping to have it posted by the end of the week... I love how quick and easy these are to make.. 
I used a stamp and punches. But one for the video I am going to use the Cricut to make them. 

Well it is time for me to head in to the craft room and getting some crafting done.
I am also waiting for the UPS man to come today with my new Bind It All... I can't wait!!! And some My Pinkstamper Stamp Sets too... :)

Have a Wonderful Day and Happy Crafting!
God Bless

Feb 24, 2012


Hello Everyone! 
Today I was hoping that I was going to feel better and be able to do some crafting, but that was not how it worked out. 
Last night I started to feel sick and ended up having to come home from Ambulance duty early, thankful my husband was able to take over me. 

Yesterday I got some awesome Happy Mail.. I got my Art Philosophy Cartridge in, a stamp set from Joy's Life and more stuff for my Stampin' Up. 
I am still waiting on a order from Custom Crops and my TBBM 2 cartridge too ... 

So tomorrow I am hoping to feel better so I can get in the craft room and get some things done... I have to get the invites in the mail by tomorrow and start working on the party decorations and party favors. It is looking like Art Philosophy came in just in time. I am going to make a banner and some of the center piece items with it and then hopefully TBBM 2 will come in so I can make the favors from it.. if not I am going to use Sweet Treats for them. 

If I am feeling better this weekend I will making a video for everyone... I have been wanting to do any other video and I am hoping that soon I will be able to start doing one at least every other week... 

Well time for me to go and rest. 
Happy Crafting and have a wonderful weekend! 
God Bless

Feb 22, 2012

Smash Book ~ Junk Journal Challenge

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday Everyone... 
The week is half over already.. 

Well I am going to host a Smash Book ~ Junk Journal Challenge
It is going to be so much fun! 
I just made one for my daughter for her everyday teenager stuff. And I love it and I had so much fun making it for her. 

So I have posted it in on my facebook for my DT and they are going to make one and we will post the pictures and the links to their blogs and I am going to set up a linky so everyone can join in on this challenge.. and I am going to give away some blog candy... 
I am going to give away 3 Bottles of My Own Glimmer Spray... yay!!! 

1. Have fun ~ don't stress out over it.. 
2. Use anything you want to make it, paper, fabric, charms, ribbon, Lace, envelopes and etc. 
3. It has to have at least 2 envelopes, some ribbon, and a charm
4. You will have 2 weeks from today to have it linked. ( by March 7th) I will have a post with all the Design Team Smash book ~ Junk Journals and that is the post that the linky will be on. 
 Midnight on March 10th, I will randomly pick a winner of the blog candy ... so make sure that you give an email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. 

 So jump on in and have fun... 

If you have any questions please contact me at scrappyemt@yahoo.com or leave me a message here.  

Happy Crafting Everyone! 

Feb 21, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I am trying to work on a few little projects today in the craft room. The girls are home today from school and they are hyper so not a lot of crafting going on today ... 

I have been watching some videos to try to get motivated and I found one and thought these would make the cutest Easter Treats for my two younger daughters classes next month. 

You have to go and check out the video.. 


It was so much fun making this... I changed it by not cutting out the little window in it, but I like it better with the little window... but this shows you, that you can cut them out without the little window and you could put a little tag there, or stamp something on the front if you want too... 

I also wanted to make a gift card holder for my daughter's birthday next month... so I am playing with Sweet Treats again and I made this Gift Card Holder... the cupcake is not centered, but it is still so sweet... 


Feb 20, 2012


Welcome to Wonderful Blog Hop Hosted by Melissa Pinter... 
I hope you all will enjoy hopping along with us and hearing our stories of Miracles that have happened in our lives... Grab your tissues and something drink.

In 1996, I was pregnant with my 4th child and I was so excited. I have always wanted a big family. My pregnancy started out normal with no complications. My due date was August 20th, 1996, the day before my mother's birthday. My mom was loving that, having a grandbaby born in the same month as her and her mother.
In May 1996 we found that we were having a girl, I was extremely excited and could not wait. I had 3 boys and wanted a girl. I was finally having my girl. We went out and got everything for a little girl. I was still thinking that it was not really true so I did pick up some boys stuff just in case. haha!
Well as the end of the pregnancy started to come closer we were preparing for our little princess.
My due date came and went and no little one yet. 2 weeks went by and still nothing, doctors said not worry everything was fine. One night I was sitting there and I noticed my ankles were a little more swollen than normal. I called the doctor and she said I needed to stay off my feet for a week and she would do a follow up in a couple of days. Well the next day, I went to walk and could not stand up on my feet, they were so swollen that they hurt to move them. Called the doctor back and she told me to get to the hospital she wanted to see what was going on.
We arrived at the hospital, went right to the birthing center. They hooked me up to the heart monitor to check the baby's heartbeat and it was slow and soft. The doctor came in looked at my feet and said that they needed to induce me now. I was so scared and nervous, I did not know what was going on and the doctor looked nervous. Minutes later they started the process to induce me. Excited and scared, about 3 hours go by and the doctor comes in and she tells me that they have to do an emergency C-section, my heart rate was increasing and the baby's was decreasing and if they did not do something right then and there, they could lose us both.
They immediately started to prep me for surgery. I was rushed into the OR. About 15 to 20 minutes later I heard them tell me I had a before baby girl and saw them rushing out of the room with her. I was asking what was going on and the doctor kept telling me that they were just cleaning her up and she would be back in a minute. I don't remember anything after that, I woke up in my room.
As soon as I woke up there were 4 doctors in there with me and my ex husband. They started to explain what had happened to my daughter and me. I could not believe what I was hearing. My baby girl was on life support and she was being life flighted to Yale New Haven Hospital. I felt like I was having a nightmare. Then they continued to tell me that my hearted stopped and they had to revive me. I did not want to hear about me I wanted to see my daughter, I wanted to hold her and touch her. They brought her into me and she was in a incubator and had tubes breathing for her and I could not even touch her. I remember screaming and asking god why this was happening to this little innocent baby.
The doctors told me that both of her lungs had clasped and she was losing blood cause of it and they needed to fly her to the next level of care hospital that could help her.
She was life flighted out and I did not know what was going on and I could not see her. I ended up fighting with my doctors and getting released from the hospital so I could be with my daughter. I needed to be there with her and she needed me, her mother to be there with her telling her we loved her and that we were there.
 My ex husband and me drove to Yale New Haven Hospital that was about 2 hours away. When we arrived there we did not know what to expect. All we knew was she was on life support and in the NICU unit.
The doctors were told that we were there and they met us outside of the NICU and started to explain what was happening and the told us to call our church and have them come to the hospital and baptism her, that she was not going to make it through the night... I remember telling them they were lying to me and that she was a fighter and she was going to make it through, god would not do this to this precious child. They let me in to see her and I was numb and could not believe what I was seeing all around me sick little precious babies. I cried and cried the whole time. I could not hold her or touch her still, it was breaking my heart. I leaned over to her ear and I told her I loved her and that we were there now and she had to fight with all she had.
She was born September 4, 1996
she weighted 8 lbs 5 ozs  17 inches.

Everyday we were there no matter. I did the same thing everyday, I would wash/scrub up and go in lean over to the same ear and whisper I love you and tell her she was a fighter. My ex husband would do the same thing on her other side. We did this everyday. We saw no changes happening for the first week. But the next week after she was born I could not go up I was sick and I also had a follow up appointment with my doctor, I called every hour to 2 hours and talk to her nurse and see how she was doing, no change she would tell me. Well I was sitting in bed crying cause I could not be there cause of being sick myself, and the phone rang, it was my daughter's doctor, there was something going on, her heart rate was coming up and blood pressure was stable. I just cried even harder. So weeks went on and we noticed more and more improvements in her condition, about 3 weeks after she was born she was able to have the breathing tube removed and just regular oxygen. I was finally able to hold my little girl. The nurses cried as hard as I did when they handed me my daughter for the first time. I held her for hours and did not want to put her down.. My ex husband did not mind at all... he was just so happy to see our daughter in my arms and that was enough for him. I remember him telling me that her strength came from me and that she was fighting cause I was always there and I was a fighter.
A week later she was transferred to a lower level of care hospital closer to home, just until she could eat on her own.
She was about 3 months old when she finally got to come home from the hospital. She was still on a feeding tube but we worked together and she was able to come off the feeding tube about 2 weeks after being home.
 We watched her every day get stronger and stronger! She is a fighter and she is full of love and life. She is my Miracle.
Today she is a 15 yr old young lady, freshman in high school and she lives a normal teenage life. But everyday I thank God for her and all my beautiful children.

This is my miracle story and this is my daughter
Kate-Lyn Summer

She til this day shows me how much of a fighter she is and how strong of a person she is.

Here is another quick story that just happened to use and if it was for my baby girl my 7 year old daughter would not be here.

August 30th, 2011

We were recovering from Hurricane Irene, we had no food or water, power. My husband and I had just came off a 40 hour shift at the local Storm Shelter, we were stationed there for EMS (emergency medical service), Walmart had finally opened up and we went to go get some canned food, water and etc for the house to help get us by.
I left my daughters at home with my son's wife.
I figured they would be alright.

We were gone about an hour. We came home and my son came home all at the same time. My son and his wife decided to go for a ride. As soon as they left my 7 yr old daughter came running up to me crying and was screaming that my son's wife had hurt her, my oldest daughter Kate-Lyn came out and handed me my spare cell phone and said mom you need to listen to this.
I was shocked and could not believe what I was hearing.
My daughter had hit the record on my cell phone and audio taped what my son's wife was doing to my 7 yr old daughter and I could her my oldest screaming for her to let her go and stop it over and over.
My son's wife was trying to smother my 7 yr old daughter with a pillow and she kept telling her she was going to kill her. My oldest daughter ran over and was trying to pull her away from my son's wife. My son's wife hit my oldest daughter and knocked her to the floor, she got back up and started hitting my son's wife and finally she stopped and my 7 yr old daughter ran and locked herself in the bathroom. That is when we came home. I was in shock and could not believe this was happening and had happened to my children.
My son's wife was arrested and is awaiting trial as of today.

It felt like I was living a lifetime movie in my own life.
This was supposed to be someone that I could trust with my children and I could not understand why she would do this and how could she do this.
I am so proud of my oldest daughter to have done what she had to protect her sisters and to use my cell phone to tape it. She saved her little sister and she is my hero and will always be..

Thank you for stopping and reading of my miracles ...
Now stop by each of the following blogs and read about their miracles..
Each one of us have experienced one sometime in our lives ..

  1. Melissa PInter: http://pinkpolkadotscrapping.blogspot.com
  2. Lisa T. - http://bitbythecricutbug.blogspot.com
  3. Janet R.- http://janetscreativeworld.blogspot.com/
  4. Jill - http://craftwithanangel.blogspot.com/
  5. Kimberly ~ http://scrappingrookie.blogspot.com
  6. Anita ~   http://www.anitaandbugs.blogspot.com 
  7. Autumn http://autumnsbuggycreations.blogspot.com
  8. Audrey ~ http://scrappyemt.blogspot.com    
  9. Nicolette- http://beyondscrapin.blogspot.com
  10. Lisa ~ http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com/
  11.  Doris -http://mybugandmecreate.blogspot.com

Here is the picture of our tattoo

    Feb 15, 2012

    Teacher Valentine's Gifts

    I wanted to show you what I made for my two younger daughter's teachers for Valentine's Day. 
    I used the Sweet Tooth Box Cartridge to make these...
    I love how they came out. 
    I got the valentine card stock at Michael's in a special pack that they had. I love it... 

     I used what some call Transparency or Clear Card Stock. 
    I got it in a pack on clearance at Michael's for $3.99. Love it!
    I forgot to write down what size I cut it out. So this week I am going to make another one and I will post the measurements for everyone.

    Time for me to head to bed.. Happy Crafting Everyone! 

    Here is another Picture of the one of the finished Valentine Kiss Cards that I made for the girls. 



    DT Weekly Post "Sweets for your Sweets"

    Hello Everyone! Sorry that I did not get this posted this morning, but blogger was giving me a hard time. 

    The Design Team was asked to create something using cupcakes, cake, ice cream and etc. They could make anything using any colors that they wanted. 

    I made this invite for my daughter's birthday party. 
    It is a Pocket Card. 

     I used " Sweet Treat" Cartridge 

    I cut the base of the pocket at 4 1/4" x 11"
    Front Layer cut at 4" x 4" 
    Score the pocket at 1 1/2" for the little flap
    and at 5"

    I used the corner punch to round the edges. 
    I put the ribbon around the flap and then adhered to the front of the pocket. 
    I cut the tag out at 5" 
                                         I cut the cupcake at 2 1/2" 

    I also used the cuttlebug and two of the folders for the front layer and the top of the cupcake and the top of the tag. 
    I love how it turned out and I think her friends are going to love getting these as invites. 

    I am now off to make a total of 25 of them. 
    Her theme is " Cupcakes" and we are going to have a cupcake decorating station set up so all the guest can decorate their own cupcakes. It is going to be so much seeing how everyone decorates them. 

    Next you can hop on over to Dana's blog and see what she created for today....

    I hope you enjoyed all the great projects that we all created for today and stop back again. 

    I would also like to introduce our newest Design Team Member
    Stop by her blog and welcome here to the team.
    Welcome Suzanne to the Team. So excited to have you join us.

    Remember starting next month we are going to have Monthly Challenges starting were everyone can get involved and win some wonderful blog candy.. So watch for the first challenge coming soon... 

    Thank You Again for stopping by and Happy Crafting! 
    Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!

    Feb 13, 2012

    Welcome to the Designs Team Monthly Blog Hop

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Today is the Design Teams Monthly Blog Hop. They were asked to make a project using Hearts, Black, White, Pink and Red. They each have made some wonderful projects for everyone to see. Please stop by each members blog and check out all the wonderful creations that they have made to share and see how they made their projects.

    You Start Here!

    This is my little project for this hop. 
    My hubby took me out shopping for a early Valentine's Surprise and he bought me 5 new cartridges and one was "Sweet Treats". I love this cartridge it is one of my favorites.

    I had so much fun making this little gift for my hubby. 
    I will have to post how I made it later. I don't have my little notebook with me. I write all my projects down in a little notebook for future references. 
    I can't wait to play with this cartridge more. I am going to use it to for my Daughter's Birthday Party Favors next month for her party. I even think I am going to make the cupcake holders too for her friends. 

    Well the team has some wonderful projects for you all to see. 
    So the next blog is: 

    Just in case you get lost you can stop back by here 

    Please stop and check out their blogs and leave comments. We all love to hear what you think of our projects. 

    Thank you for hopping along with us and watch for new and exciting projects and blog candy coming next month. 

    We are going to be starting Monthly challenges for everyone to get involved and offering exciting blog candy. So check back often to see when the challenges are going to be and what they are going to be. We have some fun challenges planned. 

    We are also looking for a few new Design Team Members to join our Little Team. If you are interested in joining our Team please email me at scrappyemt@yahoo.com ~ in subject line put "Design Team Call" 

    Also I am looking for anyone that would like to sponsor our blog hops. If you are interested please contact me at scrappyemt@yahoo.com
    Subject Line " Sponsor" . 

    Thank you again for stopping by Happy Hopping and Happy Valentine's Day! 

    God Bless! 

    Feb 9, 2012


    Hi and welcome to the Valentine's Décor and Gifts Blog Hop.

    If you happened here by chance you're in luck! There will be 20 stops full of great ideas, so grab a beverage and head over to the hostess' blog. Staci's blog is at http://preciousmem.blogspot.com/. The sponsor for this hop is Designs on Cloud 9 at http://designsoncloud9.com/ and she has offered us a $20 gift voucher for the GRAND prize. Head over to her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Designs-on-Cloud-9/189551027737837 and show her some love. One lucky person who comments on this hop will be the winner of this generous prize. (One person from each stop will be chosen at random and we will then hold a random draw with those 20 people and one lucky person will win the grand prize).

    You Should come here from ~ Lisa Peters: http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com/

    We were asked to create a Valentine Decoration for this hop. I love Valentine's Day and love to make new decorations for my home with my daughter.
    I used my imagine to make this. I used the stock designs on the Imagine to create this lovely banner. This is my first banner that I have made and can't wait to get started on making another one.. I also used my Winnie the Pooh Fonts Cartridge for the letters.

    The Hearts are cut out and 5" and 4 1/2"
    Letters were cut at 3"
    the scallop circle is a stock design from the Imagine too and they were cut at 4" and the circle was cut at 3 3/4"

    Thank you for stopping and hop on over to the next blog and see whatelese everyone has come up with ... Some very talented crafters... Happy Hopping!

    1. Staci: http://preciousmem.blogspot.com
    2. Ashley Glamourous:  http://theglamoroussideofscrapping.blogspot.com
    3. Lisa Peters: http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com/ << Came From>>
    4. Audrey Dickinson: http://scrappyemt.blogspot.com ((HERE))
    5. Anita Meadows Cannon:~ http://www.anitaandbugs.blogspot.com
    6. Lucy Kelleher:  http://love2createitall.blogspot.com
    7. Michele Eickholt:  http://chelescrafts.blogspot.com/
    8. Sylvia Solorio: http://bellascrapbookdesigns.blogspot.com
    9. Darla Haverstock:  http://stampingunderdoctorsorders.blogspot.com/
    10. Kimberly Pate:   http://scrappingrookie.blogspot.com
    11. Liz Mullen: http://scrapiliciouslife.blogspot.com
    12. Lisa Marie Lam:http://craftylam.blogspot.com
    13. Janet Nagai: http://createatdreamscrapbooks.blogspot.com 
    14. Dena Jones:  http://missdjones.blogspot.com/
    15. Daisy Collins: http://tsunamirosedesigns.blogspot.com
    16. Amanda Youlkis: http://a-prata-design.blogspot.com/
    17. Nancie Brungard: http://alittlepieceofmebynancie.blogspot.com/
    18. Tricia Colon : http://www.mycrazybubble.blogspot.com/

    Happy Crafting Everyone.. God Bless

    Feb 8, 2012

    DT Weekly Post... Kites

    Welcome to Our Design Team Weekly Project Post.. 

    I had asked the Team to create something with a Kite Theme... They could create anything that they wanted to as long as it involved kites.. 

    I love this card that Nicolette created.. it is adorable. Please click on her name to go to her Blog and see all the wonderful things that she has created. 

    I was unable to finish my project cause I am sick. 
    I woke up this morning and just felt yucky. So I was taking it easy today and trying to rest.
    I wanted to make sure that I got my Design Teams post up today. I am thankful to have this great team. 

    I am opening up another Design Team Call. I am looking for people that love creating new items and that can meet the requirements. 
    At least two design team post a month
    Monthly Design Team Challenge
    Each Design Team post has to be new and created for that theme. 
    Have a blog
    If you are interested and can commit, please send me a email with the following information:
    Full Name
    Email Address
    Blog Address
    3 of your favorite Projects
    and if you use svg, cricut and etc. 
     email me at: scrappyemt@yahoo.com
    In Subject Line February 2012 Design Team Call. 

    On to more excited news. 
    I am proud to announce that I am one of the newest "Stampin Up" Consultants. 
    I so love their products and I am excited to be part of their team. I will be updating my blog shortly with my information if you are interested in ordering or hosting a workshop/party please feel free to contact me at Scrappyemt@yahoo.com 
    in subject line : Stampin Up 

    Yesterday Hubby took me shopping for some new crafting supplies. Oh what fun it was and I got some great stuff. I got a Cuttlebug. I have been using the Purse Embossing unit and loved it, but hubby thought it would be nice for me to have a cuttlebug which matches the theme of my craft room. And he also got me a new camera too. I am so excited and happy with my new toys. 

    Here is a pictures from my new camera. 
     These are my two puppies... Sammie and Trixie ( Sammy is a Jack Russell, we rescued her from a unsafe home last month) Trixie is my baby, she is a Maltese. Hubby got me her when I passed my EMT Exam and during a rough time in our lives.... 
    This a picture I took of the card I made the other day. I was trying to make a Mini Photo Studio and I used this card to try it out... It is taken with the new camera. I am thinking I am going to like this new camera... 

    Well it is time for me to cook dinner and then off to the store to get some more medicine. Hopefully will be feeling better tomorrow. Tomorrow is my long day on Ambulance Duty. 

    Happy Crafting Everyone! 
    God Bless Everyone! 

    Feb 6, 2012

    Little Dump Truck Card

    Hello Everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. 
    We had a nice weekend. We got to watch the game this weekend with the girls and had some great game food. We made Ribs, Sweet n' Sour Meatballs and Kielbska. We also had some awesome Mexican Dip and much more. 

    Not alot of crafting this weekend like I planned on. But I did make a sample card this weekend and got to play with my gypsy to make it. So today I decided that it needed to some work and tweaking, so that is what I was working on. I love this card, it is so cute for a little boy. 
    I had a little boy especially in mind for this card so it is really designed for this special little guy. I am going to be mailing it out today to him. 

    So here is the sample that I made on Saturday

    Now for my finally take on it. I love the colors of both of them. But as we all know dump trucks are not always yellow anymore, they can be any color. 

    I used "B is for Boys" Cartridge and the Gypsy to make this adorable card. I really like the red and blue one the best. 

    On Friday, I took my Girls to the Traveling Rain Forest Show. It was a great show and the girls really loved seeing the different animals and they learned a lot from it too. 

    We had a great time and really loved seeing this beautiful animals. They got to have their picture taken with that the snake and then they got to go and touch one of the baby Alligators. My youngest did not want to go any where near the snake. 
    This picture is priceless. hahaha... My oldest daughter looks so nervous and scared, while my 7 year old was loving it. LOL.. 

    Thank you for stopping by today. 
    Happy Crafting Everyone! 

    I am off to the craft room and see what I can create. 
    Have a wonderful day!


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