Jul 11, 2013

OMG Been a Long Time

Wow it is has been a few months since I have updated my Blog... I am so sorry. 
We have alot of family matters happening and trying to get through them all and get the girls back on track. Now with Summer Break here it is calming down a bit and the girls are outside more often playing and enjoying life. 

I haven't been in the craft room since March or April, not really been motivated to be in there. But in the past few days I have been spending alot of time in there and getting back to creating again. 

I have opened up a "New" Etsy Shop. Come on over and check it out. I am excited about this new adventure and looking forward to sharing again. 

 Click the link above and it will take you to my new shop.

This is a card that I did make back in May for a friends husband. I love how it turned out and it was my first time using a cartridge that I bought almost a year ago for my husband but never got a chance to use it for him. 

My Daughter Mackenzie in March making a card for a class mate's birthday. She loved it, I gave her free range of the craft room. She had a blast. 

Her finished card that she made. She used "Create A Critter 2" for this adorable lion card.  She was so proud of herself for making this card with little help from me. 

Here are a few little projects that I have made of the past couple of days. 

First is a Mini Album (Very simple)

Here are a few different Gift Card Holders


Here are a couple more, my favorite is the "I love you Latta" one...


 It is feeling really good to be back to creating again. 
I have missed it. 

Well sorry for such a long post. 

Remember to come by and check out my Etsy Shop today...

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