Aug 28, 2013

First Day of School

Happy Wednesday! 

It was an excited week, My daughter's all went back to school Monday. 
I have Kat Junior in High School, Minnie 4th Grader and Autumn 2nd Grader. 
Now Mommy has some crafty time and quiet time during the day. 

They had a great first day and are excited about school. 
Now Mommy has all the paperwork to make out for all three girls. 

Already got my list growing of things that I want or need to work on while their are in school during the day. 
Today waiting for the UPS Delivery Person, have some new things coming for the craft room and can't wait to play with them. 

Well time to get the youngest on the bus and then wait for the UPS... 

Happy Crafting to All! 

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