Oct 1, 2013

Happy October

Happy October Everyone! 

Sorry I have not posted in a while, it has been very crazy busy around here. We were supposed to move a couple months ago but due to some issues with the property we were unable to move to the new place. 
So we have been unpacking and reorganizing the old place to make it home again. 

I have been crafting and working on a few items for the shop and getting things ready for the Craft Shows too. And having so much fun playing in the craft room. 

Here is a couple of TP Mini Albums that I have made. I am addicted to making them. I am not actually using TP Rolls though, I am making my own tubes. 

 I love how quick they are to make and how much fun they are too. I got over 24 pictures in the First one and I am going to be adding pictures to the second one shortly. The second one is going to be all family pictures in black and white. 

I have a few more that I am working on now. 

Well I will share more later... I am off to dance class with my daughter. They have me staying very active during the week. 

have a great night everyone .... 

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