Jun 8, 2014

Been Busy Around Here

Good Morning on this bright and sunny Sunday Morning.
I am just sitting here having my coffee and relaxing before the girls and my husband wake up and craziness of my day begins.
We have been busy around here with the end of school coming in just a little over a week and hubby hours are work are increasing as the paving season is now begun. And I have been focusing on the business and working on getting the new shop up and running. It has been taking a lot of my spare time not that I have alot of that as it is but I have been very focused on getting the business going.
We have also been taking our youngest daughter to the eye doctors for a lazy eye and crossed eyed in her right eye. Well this past week we met with eye specialist and heard some news that we did not want to hear. It is looking like her muscles and vision never fully developed in her right eye and we have limited time to try to fix it or she could possible end up blind 100% in her right eye. Therapy starts in about a week if not sooner as soon as her new glasses come in. We will be starting by patching her good eye for 2 hours a day and we go back to the specialist in 3 months. She is not letting this slow her down, she is still out running, jumping and riding her bike and enjoying life. We are talking to her every night about what we have to do to help her and bringing her in at the time that we will start her two hours and getting her used to coming in and settling down at that time and she hates not being able to be outside and playing during it but she knows it is to help her and her eye sight.
She is my outdoor girl. She would be outside all day and all night if we allowed it. She loves the fresh air and being active.
I  try not to show her that I am worried but she tells me every day that she knows that I am scared and worried and gives me a big hug and tells me she loves me. So then I know it is ok and she is going to get through this.
Thank you for letting me get this off my chest .
So now on to what my girls love about me. My girls love every time I create something and they love seeing the finished projects. So this past week I dedicated my creative to them. I made each one of them a Monogram Tile with their first names.
I love making things with vinyl and wanted something for their rooms that as their grow older and in time go out on their own they will have something that will be in their homes.
I used a 6x6 tile that I bought at Lowe's and some scrap black vinyl #631 and then I heat set it to help give it a better seal.
This week I will go and pick up a few more plate stands for them to go their shelves or dresser in their rooms. I love how they all turned out.
I even made one for my husband and me with our last name.

I used my cameo to create the split letter and added our last name. I love it.
I finally made my decal for the business for the truck. I really like how it came out. This week I will be working on a sign for when we do shows and etc.
Our new shop can be found at www.zibbet.com
Stop by today and check it out.
Well it is time to have a little family time before our crazy week begins.
Have a wonderful day ....
Happy crafting.


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