Aug 7, 2014

Summer Fun Day

Summer Fun Day with the Girls
Yesterday we planned a beach day with my mother in law and her sister.
I brought my daughters and my daughter in law with me to have a great day at the beach.
We headed out early in the morning and met everyone at the Ocean.
Girls got to go swimming and play in the water with their grammie and their great aunt. My mother also had my niece with her too
We all had a fun filled day lots of chats and laughs.
My mother in law started feeding seagulls by hand and then she named one Arthur (after my father in law)

She was having a blast.

I love being able to capture these family memories for my girls....
My mother in law hasn't really been able to have a lot of quality time with my daughters. So yesterday I made sure I captured as much of this wonderful time for my daughters and for her as I could... we are planning another beach trip next Wednesday and I am going to make sure that I take two of my cameras full charged so I can capture more memories....
Today I went to Michael's to find some paper packs that I could make some mini albums for my mother in law and for her sister too and I got a great deal.... 4 paper packs (pads) for under $30
So today I am going to go and spend some well needed time in my craft room creating a few mini albums and maybe a Photo Folio too....
Well I hope everyone remembers capture these special moments in time as time is limited and we never know what tomorrow will bring and we have to live today and enjoy every moment of each day.....
Happy Crafting everyone ... Have a wonderful day!

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