Aug 10, 2011

Minnie's First Card

My daughter Minnie (Mackenzie) came to me today and say she wanted to make her own card for St Jude's. I asked her what she wanted to make and she went and picked out her colors and then she looked at my cartridges and picked "Create A Critter". 
I have to say I was surprised at how she picked everything and she knew it would all go together nicely too... 

I helped her with some of the stuff like cutting and placing on the mat. 
She pressed all the buttons and etc... 


  1. She did a awesome job. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Way to go Minnie.

  2. thank you ... she says thank you with the biggest smile... she is asking if I can get her a cricut for Christmas... LOL...

  3. What a sweetie, her card turned out great! Love the colors she picked! Good job Mackenzie! :)

  4. Wonderful card!!!! A talented artist:)

  5. What a little Cutie Pie!!! My 2 grand daughters (11 and 6) craft with me all the time. I enjoy it as much as they do!!! GREAT way to make memories!!!!



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