Oct 6, 2011

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone! It is still a bit crazy around here. But we are slowly getting back into our regular schedules. It is taken sometime and we have had a few little set backs but we keep our heads held high and moving forward.
My daughters are doing great and enjoying life again. I am so proud of my girls for their strengths.
My husband and me went last night and got tattoos to show them how proud we are of them. I will post a picture later of them.

Today I am going to do a few things around the house and then it is off to work in the Craft room for a little bit and then I am off to the Ambulance for the night. It is going to be a crazy weekend and busy too.

Thank you everyone for your support, thoughts and prayers it has been very helpful knowing we have friends and family to help us through this hard time.

Well I am off to get started with my day.

Happy Crafting!

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