Mar 10, 2014

Weekend Vacation

It is Monday!!!!
What a great weekend my husband and I had. We went to Vermont to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. When we had started dating we had gone up North for one of our visit trips and we thought it would be wonderful to do that for our Anniversary. It was a great weekend.
We stayed in Vermont and we took a day trip to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We stopped off at Kringle's Candles and it is a wonderful place to stop and look around. I enjoyed our visit there and the people were so welcoming... I can't wait to go back there again this spring with the girls.

Their candles are wonderful. The scents are nice and they burn so even and clean.
I love that there is no dyes in their candles.
I did not buy a lot of candles but enough to last until my next trip there, plus you can order online too.
The we stopped over at the Kringle's Santa Toy Shop and the wonderful displays were just amazing.

 It was a wonderful visit to the shop.
Their restaurant is beautiful too... the outdoor dinning even has a fireplace and it was so cozy.

Then on our way home we took a trip to the Maple House "Sugarbush Farm" it was another great place to go. We got to taste some different cheeses and Syrups too.
The scenery was beautiful and it was so relaxing.

But I am glad to be home and now it is time to get back to crafting. I did miss being in my craft studio all weekend, but it was a well needed mini vacation for my husband and I. We truly enjoyed it and can't wait to go back with our daughters.
Well now it is time for me to head to the craft studio and get some roses made and also work on my daughters birthday party stuff. Her 10th party is Saturday and I have so much to get made for it. So I am off to craft.
Have a wonderful day and Happy Creating! 

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