Mar 12, 2012

It is Monday Already?

Good Morning Everyone! 
It is Monday already, wow where did the weekend go? 
We had my daughter's 8th Birthday Party this weekend it was wonderful. The weather was beautiful too. 

It was great seeing some family and friends that we have not seen in a while too. 
My daughter and all of her guest loved running around and playing with all the balloons. 
My daughter and her guest got to decorate their own cupcakes with gummy bears, gum drops, sprinkles and etc. It was great watching what each one of them did to decorate their cupcakes. I had dyed some frosting for them and they also had the vanilla and chocolate. 

Here is the birthday girl with her one of her friends and my youngest daughter decorating their cupcakes. My mom behind us watching and enjoying watching them frost their cupcakes. 

Here is one of the Candy Bouquets that I made for the tables. I love how they turned out. I used the Mini Candy Bars to make them. (not too good of a picture) 
The two grandmother's ended up taking them (hahaha) 
I got the little pails from Walmart (Easter Department)
I made the pinwheels using my cameo and the print and cut feature, attached them to colored straws. 

Here is the birthday girls cupcake.. I love it! 

Here is my oldest daughter and one of her friends decorating their cupcakes. They were having a blast. 

Here is the cupcake decorating table with the kids decorating their cupcakes

My youngest daughter's cupcake creation. I think she did the best ... 

My beautiful granddaughter blowing me kisses after having her chocolate cupcake .. love it.. 

Birthday girl with her new bike... she wanted a new bike. So we found this bike that morning of her party and it was her favorite color. So we brought it my BFF's house and put it in her car and Minnie had no idea that we had gotten it for her. 

It was also a very important day for my mom and my mother in law... They both finally got to meet their Great Granddaughter Tatyana. Tatyana is their First Great Granddaughter on both sides. Tatyana also got to meet her Great Aunt Dawn on my Hubby's side of the family.

My Mom, My son Mike, Tatyana (grandbaby), Me, and of course the beautiful birthday girl. 

My Wonderful Mother in Law, My hubby, Tatyana and My son Mike. 

We also had surprised my mother in law with a new camera. Two days before my father in law passed away. Someone had stolen her camera and cell phone. And she had not replaced the camera yet, so hubby and I thought we would do it for her, we knew she would love to have a camera to get pictures of her grandbabies and her great grandbaby... she loved the camera and she was so excited and couldn't wait to start getting her family photos. 
The week before we surprised her with a scrapbook album and some paper to get her started on a family scrapbook, that her and I are going to make together. She can't wait to get started. I even picked out some cowboy themed paper/cardstock for her to make a few pages for my father in law. He was a man in black cowboy. We love and miss you dad! 

Well it was a wonderful day and filled with laughter and joy by all. And most important it was a day to celebrate life and family.

Well now it is time for me to get ready to start to plan my oldest daughter's Sweet 16 Party. It might be 6 months away... but I better get busy now on it ... 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this wonderful day with us. 

Happy Crafting and God Bless! 

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