May 16, 2011

Flag Hanging

Here are a few pictures of my Fire Company hanging the flags in our town and our community..

Pride of Plainfield

We started at 9:00 AM and finished around 2:00 PM.
The flags are to show our support of everyone that has fought and are fighting to for our Country.

This is my Son hanging a Flag

My hubby bringing the flag to my son that was on the ladder.
My daughter in law was helping by putting
the flags together for them.

This was when we had just started on the main road through the village of Wauregan.

My Best Friend Rachel (fellow EMS) and myself were assigned traffic duty, so we got to walk to the whole time , great day for a walk. The weather was beautiful for this wonderful event...

I would like send a special to all the men and woman that are fighting for our country... thank you for everything.

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