May 18, 2011

Gift Cards For Banquet

I am loving how these turned out... I think everyone is going to like them. I know I enjoyed making them and playing with the E2 and the American Alphabet

The Ice Cream Cone is from "Once
Upon a Princess" Cartridge, The boot
and coffee mug is from
"Cricut American Alphabet"

Trying to make them to match what the gift cards are going to be.

These are for the "Years of Service"
Pins. I used the Gift Card Cut from
"Cindy Loo" Cartridge
to make these. Had to
Make 15 red for the pins.

This is one of 14 Center pieces that I made for the Ambulance Banquet... we got the software and the balloons and was able to print our own photos on them, this was so much fun .

These were also cut using the gift card feature on Cindy Loo. These are for the name badges that we are giving out to all the members. Had to cut 70 of these.
And then I printed all the names out on white card stock on the computer and added.

Well off now to finish the rest of the Centerpieces only a couple more to finish up and then done.

1 comment:

  1. I think everyone will enjoy receiving one of these cards! They are very lucky.



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