Mar 13, 2011

Creative Block

Well my plans for today have gone out the window. I went and got all the stuff that I wanted for the baby Scrapbook page and well when I got home I lost my creativity.. I think it might have something to do with lack of sleep ... I am thinking maybe after a nap Iwill feel it all come back to me.

While I was at Michael's they had some wonderful little scrapbook page kits on clearance, so I picked one up for the new mommy, so she can get started on his scrapbook that she got for her baby shower. yay!!!! I am going to cut out some embellishments for her to use on his first page.

When I do start work on the scrapbook page for my book I will post pictures and when I make the card for her and baby Carmine I will post the instructions for it.

Ok going to go and take a little nap and see what happens when I wake up..

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