Mar 27, 2011

Wall Decor Vinyl

Today I decided that I was going to play with some Vinyl for my walls. I started with making a few tinkerbell wall decals for my younger daughter's room.
Supplies that I used were:
12"x24" Cricut Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Cricut and Tinker and Friends Cartridge
12"x24" Cutting Mat

Cricut Settings:
Blade: 6
Speed: 3-4
Pressure: 2 ( this will not cut threw the backing of the vinyl)

I made mine images approx 10", but you can make them whatever size you would, but using the tinker and friends cartridge I would make them smaller than 5". I used the Filigree Key design for these wall decors.

I made this one for my bathroom over my tub... My daughter's laughed at me when we were putting it up. My 7 year old went and started to see if she could find 5 cents so she could take a bath tonight ... haha.

Tomorrow I am going to try my hand at glass etching.. .I bought a couple jars at Michael's Craft Store today, and I am going to use them tomorrow. I will post pictures tomorrow


  1. Hi Audrey, I love your wall vinyl, especially the fairies. It looks so great on the walls and I bet your daughters are thrilled with it. I have never tried vinyl before and you have inspired me to look round for some and have a go.
    Carol x

  2. Hi Carol, Thank you so much.. you will love doing the vinyl and on my cricut my settings are blade on 6 and pressure at 2 and speed medium. If that helps any.... I get my vinyl from uscutters or you can go to Oh My Crafts too... Thank you again ... Audrey



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