Feb 24, 2012


Hello Everyone! 
Today I was hoping that I was going to feel better and be able to do some crafting, but that was not how it worked out. 
Last night I started to feel sick and ended up having to come home from Ambulance duty early, thankful my husband was able to take over me. 

Yesterday I got some awesome Happy Mail.. I got my Art Philosophy Cartridge in, a stamp set from Joy's Life and more stuff for my Stampin' Up. 
I am still waiting on a order from Custom Crops and my TBBM 2 cartridge too ... 

So tomorrow I am hoping to feel better so I can get in the craft room and get some things done... I have to get the invites in the mail by tomorrow and start working on the party decorations and party favors. It is looking like Art Philosophy came in just in time. I am going to make a banner and some of the center piece items with it and then hopefully TBBM 2 will come in so I can make the favors from it.. if not I am going to use Sweet Treats for them. 

If I am feeling better this weekend I will making a video for everyone... I have been wanting to do any other video and I am hoping that soon I will be able to start doing one at least every other week... 

Well time for me to go and rest. 
Happy Crafting and have a wonderful weekend! 
God Bless

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