Apr 16, 2011

Spring Break Week

Well my daughter's are on their Spring break this week from school... trying to think of stuff to do with them this week.
I think we are going to do some work in the flower garden, a little bit of baking and then Oldest daughter and me are going to work on things for her Grad Party and start getting the invites finished and handed out .

Today I am taking them to a Soccer Clinic and then hopefully when I get home be able to get some work down on my scrapbooking and few other things around the house I need to work on today. I started my spring cleaning yesterday so I have more that I want to do today and we are moving bedrooms around for the girls too and getting them ready to be painted.

I will post pictures later of things that I have made up for oldest daughter's wall decor...

Well have a great day everyone! 

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