Apr 11, 2011

Calm Day

Today I did not do much, a bit sore from yesterday. I did manage to make it to get some pictures printed and to Michael's to pick up a few things and a new punch toy.. will take picture tomorrow and post them.. haha...

I was going to take a ride to Joann's today cause I heard that they had cartridges on sale but come to find out they were only a few that were on sale so nothing I really needed or wanted.

Hubby did some more yard work getting the yard and flower bed area ready for some planting and etc, can't wait to get some flowers planted soon....

Tomorrow going to work on a few things and some pages for the scrapbook and then I have to go to the Ambulance and do some scrapping with some of my fellow crew members for our Ambulance Album.. it should be fun and exciting can't wait... loving it!!!!

Well going to head of to bed now, early morning tomorrow... have a great night everyone

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