Jan 28, 2012

Crazy Week!

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

I am sorry I have not posted much this week, but it has been a very long and busy week. I have been helping out with something new that we are trying out at our volunteer ambulance corp. 
I had picked up a couple extra shifts during the day as a 2nd crew ambulance. So this week I ran 4 day shifts and my regular night shift. The day shifts were 12 hours and my night shift was 10 hours. So that lead to a one very long shift Thursday day until Friday night. But every shift I had a great crew on with me. 
We really love what we do and very happy to help others. 

I have been doing a lot of comparing and researching over the past week. I have been considering becoming a Consultant for either Close to My Heart or Stamping Up. Both companies have wonderful product. I enjoy both companies products. But I needed to see which one works the best for me. 
I have doing all my research have decided that I am going to go with "Stampin' Up" . 
So I will be working on getting things all set up shortly. I am excited about this new adventure. I will be posting a link shortly for anyone that is interested in ordering. So watch for some more changes to my blog. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 
I am off to the craft room now. 
Happy Crafting and God Bless! 

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  1. This is very funny to me because I was just speaking to someone(Blogger) about Stampin up and Close to my heart.I am familiar with Stampin up products not with the other.I am going to decide in a couple of weeks what to do.If you do not mind please let me know your input on this.Thank you for sharing and get lots of rest and what you do for others is AMAZING! Continue...



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