Jan 10, 2012

Laid Back Tuesday

Hello Everyone! 
Today ended up being a laid back day for me. I wanted to get so much done today, but well it did not work out that way. I was up late last night due to a Structure Fire that our Fire Department had and I was out in the cold weather until almost midnight. So today just wanted to relax and stay warm. 
Thankful no one lived in the building, it was an abandon building, back in 1896 it was the original Fire Department building, then it became a 5 and dime candy store, then it was a Restaurant. The building was full of history and I remember when it was a candy store and I used to go there when I was a kid. But as time went by it just became an old abandon building, it is sad to see a place that is full of history be destroyed by fire. It is a shame.

So today I just sat and relaxed and stay warm. 
I did do some things. I made up a set of my Glimmer Sprays. I will be selling them in sets of three. I love how my Glimmer Sprays just add so much extra life to some of my flowers and tags and etc... 
I will be offering the first Set for $9.00 + S/H. 
Colors are: Hauser Light Green, Grape Purple, and Desert Turquoise. 
If you are interested in buying a set please email with your name, address, email address. I will send you an invoice for it, and then you can make payment through paypal. The total cost will be $13.95 including S/H.

Well It is time for me to head back into the craft room and work on the girls Valentine's Day Cards. 

P.S. We will also be working on another new video coming this weekend. And tomorrow is My DT Challenge Post, so please stop on by and check out what the team as to share.. they are working on a some really wonderful projects... 

Happy Crafting! 

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