Jan 4, 2012

My Crafting Space

Changing of Craft Room

I have been a little busy the past couple of days. I had to make some changes to my Crafting Space to make a home for my Imagine. 
So my hubby and I started dismantling my room. 
We moved everything around and went through alot of the old stuff that was in the room that was either not worth saving or stuff that was just not needed anymore. 
I am a quilter, embroiderer, paper craftier and etc. So there was a lot of stuff. 
We moved here last year and we pretty much threw my crafting space together to get back up and running. And we just got to the point where we never really did anything to it after that, but the other day I was sitting in the kitchen I said it is not going to work anymore and we needed to get in there and do something with it. Nothing was organized and stuff was hanging off the shelves. 
I should have taken pictures of it before we started. But I was just so disguised with it and wanted it to get done. My Crafting space is right off my Kitchen and you have to walk through it to get the living room. So I wanted to figure out a way to make it so it was a little closed off to the living room but enough for the kids to walk through to go watch tv or etc. 

Well enough of me explaining, Here are the pictures of it for right now. It is so much cleaner and organized than it was and I am very happy with it. 

 E2 Table/Desk

 My Desk and work area

Imagine area and printer area and another work area.. 
( the stuff on the floor won't be there) 

Thank you for stopping by! 

Well now time to get to crafting and making a mess!!! Hahaha!!! 
More work to the crafting space soon!!!! 

Happy Crafting ! 


  1. Loving your craft space! :) I am a new follower, would love for you to stop by my blog sometime too! :)

  2. come do my area!!!!




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